Big Ideas in Supply Chain

Death, taxes and change management

Episode Summary

You've probably read some version of this headline before: Top 10 Reasons Why Companies Fail at Digital Transformation. So what is it about digital transformation that's so difficult? It's about change - and that doesn't sit well with everyone. The scope of that change can range from minor day-to-day adjustments to major projects that take months or even years to complete. Either way, we know one thing for certain: People don't like change. Hilary Horn, managing director from Deloitte, shares some unique insights on how to blend data, art and science together - with a dash of marketing - to get the support you need to turn your digital transformation ambitions into a successful reality.

Episode Notes

Book: The Heart of Change Field Guide: Tools and Tactics for Leading Change in Your Organization

Raconteur: Digital innovation in the supply chain transformation

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